Optimize your campaigns for even higher conversion rates with our new A/B Test feature. Find out which Proof notifications work best for your website by testing different variants against each other.

Need help thinking of an A/B test to run?
Check out our blog article: 10 A/B Tests We Launched to Optimize Our Own Proof Campaigns.


In order to create an A/B test please make sure you're first familiar with setting up a campaign.

Watch the quick setup video

Step 1 – Setup your variants

Login to Proof > In the campaign builder, click the 'start a/b test' button

For each variant, select your desired notification types + make any optional customizations. 

Step 2 – Add a goal to your campaign

Go to Step 4 in the campaign editor > Create your first goal (please see here for extra help). If you've already created a goal, please continue to the next step.

After you've created a goal, please make sure that a primary goal is selected.

Step 3 – Complete your campaign

Make sure that all of the other steps are completed in the campaign editor (please see how to setup a campaign for extra help).

Click the 'Publish Changes' button

That's it! Nice work creating your first A/B test!


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