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Megan Johnson
Written by Megan Johnson

Campaign Pausing or Setting your Campaign to Live

Use this simple step-by-step to pause your campaigns or send them live.

Set Live is the tool used when you are ready to have your Campaign published. It will also ensure the changes made on your campaign are saved.

Pause is a tool used when you will want to draft a Campaign and archive it for later use. It will remain in your Campaigns, it will just say "draft" instead of "live".

Push Changes is a tool used when you have made recent changes to an existing campaign and you are ready to publish those changes to your campaign.

First, you'll want to be logged into your app to make the necessary changes to your campaign.

  1. Once logged in, you can navigate to "Campaigns" using the left navigation side part and clicking on Campaigns.
  2. Next, choose the Campaign you wish to either pause, set live or push changes to.
  3. To make edits, you will want to float your cursor over your campaign name and click the Edit button on the far right side.

From here you will either see one of two options. First, you may be wishing to set live a drafted campaign. If that is the case it will look like this:

All you will want to do from here is save your Campaign and then you will want to Set live using the button at the top right hand corner as seen above.

On the other hand, if you are wanting to pause an active campaign, you will your campaign editor look like this:

You will just want to click pause and you campaign will automatically be drafted for you. If you pause a campaign it will remain in your campaigns just under a gray "Draft" tag as opposed to a green "live" tag.

Important Note:

If you are not able to see the Set Live or Pause buttons and are only seeing a "Save and Close" button you will want to click that. A campaign will always default to saving changes you've made. Once you've saved you will be given the option to either set live or pause.