No, you cannot upload fake conversions.

At Proof we are dedicated to helping businesses grow using honest marketing strategies, and so we only allow genuine user activity to be displayed on websites. Our goal is to make the internet delightfully human. We really do want to bring authenticity and transparency to the internet so that people can have a better online experience. When you see Proof on a website you can trust that the activity being displayed is both accurate and real.

'Verified by Proof' has become a stamp of trust because everyone knows the notifications they see are always real. The trust that all Proof notifications are real is at the root of why Proof converts high. 

Additionally, you cannot upload past data on your site for the Proof notification to display. However, once you install the Proof pixel onto your website you will begin collecting data immediately for your notification to display.

If you'd like to learn more on what we're all about, we'd encourage you to read our blog post on the 7 Core Values that the Proof team stands for

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