Hey, Dave here with an important announcement regarding your customers' privacy.

There are some new privacy regulations that landed on 5/25/18 which have moved us to change how we handle a few things. The big change we want to let you know about is:

We can't allow you to show your customers' images anymore (like this charming guy above).

These new regulations are really big on not using any personally identifiable information of your customers ie. their Facebook profile photo.

In place of the profile photo, you have 3 options:

Option 1

A map of their location (the default setting). In some cases this information is not available > then we go to Option 2

Option 2

A custom image uploaded by you.

Option 3

A default image provided by us (see below for example). This image is displayed if a custom image is not uploaded AND map is not available

The Good News

The good news in that most of our tests, removing the profile photo hasn't actually hurt conversions at all. It seems like visitors haven't needed a photo - they just need to see that others have bought. Go figure :-)

If you're bummed, know that we are too. But know that we're going to be making the tough decisions to keep your business safe from lawsuits and complaints.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Dave Rogenmoser
CEO for Proof

Frequently Asked Questions

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