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After following the steps in this article, you'll be to test the impact Proof has on your website using Google Optimize.


In order to use Optimize, you'll need the following:

— A Google Analytics account.
Google Analytics web tracking (Universal Analytics) installed on your website.
Google Analytics conversion event goals configured
— The Chrome web browser.
— The Optimize Chrome extension, which you'll need in order to create experiments with the Optimize visual editor. If you won't be creating experiments (e.g. if you only need to view experiment results), you don't need the extension.

Step 1: Duplicate your page & install Proof on version

The first step of testing Proof is by duplicating the page you want to test Proof on. Once you have duplicated the Page, you will want to install the Proof pixel on one of the pages only.

For example, if I wanted to test Proof on our homepage (useproof.com), we would create a duplicate and install the Proof pixel on the duplicated page.

Step 2: Create an experiment in Google Optimize

Once you've duplicated the page you want to test, you can open Google Optimize. While in the Google Optimize dashboard, click Create Experiment. 

Enter the URL of the non-duplicated page you want to test Proof on and select "Redirect test"

Step 3: Create a variant

After you've created an experiment, click on "create variant"

Enter the URL of the duplicated page

Step 4: Add experiment objective

After you've created you variant, the next step is adding your experiment objectives. For this step, you will need to make sure that you have your Google Analytics account connected to Google Optimize and your conversion event goals setup. 

Click on "Add Experiment Objectives" and select your desired conversion event(s) from the dropdown.

Step 5: Going live

Once you've set your experiment objectives, you're all set to launch the A/b test! Click the blue save button at the top right corner in Google Optimize, and then click "Start Experiment" to start the experiment.

For more information on setting up Optimize please refer to Google' article:


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