One question we get asked a lot is what our favorite settings and configurations are for maximizing conversions using Proof.

While we're always testing for optimal conversions, I wanted to share my (current) favorite settings inside our own Proof account.

Choosing notification types

Activate multiple notification types in one campaign

We've done a lot of testing, and I definitely recommend "Stacking" all 4 types of notifications onto your pages. Each one is designed to address a different obstacle your visitors have to buying or signing up. 

Combining all 4 shows the best boost and for almost anyone, the conversion increase will be worth upgrading from Pro to Business to unlock these features.

Setting up your Display URLS

Here are all of the pages, we show recent Proof signups on. 99% of our customers should use "Recommended" mode here, and not "Custom".

Custom configurations for Recent Activity notifications

Tip One

We get a lot of signups for Proof, so we don't really have a problem with showing conversions from a few days ago, but I recommend you set this to show less than 7 days. That's going to make sure you never have a notification that says someone just signed up "15 days ago" which kind of sucks.

Tip Two

Wait to display until there are 5 notifications so that I don't ever have 1  notification popping up over and over on a newly created notification. That can be annoying. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Tip Three

I love the ability to prevent visitors from seeing their own notification. Toggle this on, but just know that this is typically  going to keep you from seeing a test notification of yours.

Tip Four

Hiding Anonymous Conversions removes all of the notifications that say "Someone". If you get lots of conversions I recommend toggling this on, but just know that if 3 of 10 notifications say "someone", we are only going to show 7. For us, this isn't a problem.

Custom configurations for Hot Streaks notifications⠀

I really love the Hot Streaks feature. We've gotten a 53% conversion rate increase for it when putting it on our home page. I don't have any fancy settings here, but I do like Conversions more than Visitors personally. I think it's more compelling.

Custom configurations for Live Visitor Count notifications⠀

For Live Visitor Count, I like showing visitors across the whole domain because the number is bigger and more powerful.

Additional customizations applied to All notifications⠀⠀ 

Pro Tip 😎

If you don't want your notification to say "Someone" when we can't find the first name, you can replace "Someone" in the language settings of Step 4.

For our homepage, I changed "Someone" to "A visitor" so now our notifications look like this when we don't have "hide anonymous conversions" toggled on:

And that's it! I play around with and test these settings a lot, and these work great for us. But each business is different. 

If you aren't sure where to start, these settings are a great starting point. But be sure to let us know what settings you find work for you, and also if you have any recommended settings or features.

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