Old pixel expired January 1st, 2019
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If you installed the Proof pixel on any webpages before February 2018, then please switch to the new pixel immediately.


By switching to the new pixel, you can determine how much Proof increases conversions

How to switch pixels

Step 1: Locate webpages with the old pixel

Login to Proof > Go to Campaigns > Click on the individual campaign cards

You'll see an orange alert icon for campaigns using the old pixel.

Please click this alert icon 

A screen will popup with a list of all webpages using the old pixel

You may need to click the 'Reset These Stats' button to see an updated list of pages with the old pixel.

The page will refresh and the orange alert icon will disappear temporarily (it may take up to 2 minutes to search all of your webpages and for the alert icon to reappear).

Once the orange alert icon reappears, click it to see an updated list of URLs.

Please repeat these steps with each campaign to find all pages using the old pixel :)

Step 2: Remove the old pixel

Remove the old pixel from all webpages. The old pixel code is much longer than the new pixel and will look similar to this:

<script id=proof-script>!function(){function b(){var a=(new
of.js?'+a;var c=document.getElementsByTagName('script')
[0];c.parentNode.insertBefore(b,c)}var a=window;a.attachEvent?
_config={acc:'XXXXX', v:'1.1'}}()</script>

Step 3: Add the new pixel

Login to your Proof account > copy your unique pixel code from the “Pixel Install” menu item > Install this new pixel into the header of your website. 

<!--PROOF PIXEL--><script src='https://cdn.useproof.com/proof.js?acc=XXXXX' 
async></script><!--END PROOF PIXEL-->

^ this new pixel code is much shorter than the old version.

What's Next?

Now that you've switched to the new pixel, let's determine how much Proof increases conversions! 🆎📈💰 

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