Let's get a campaign launched so that you can start displaying notifications! Please verify that your Proof pixel is sending data before creating a campaign.

Go to 'Campaigns' > Create a campaign name > and Click 'Next'

Or you can click here to create a new campaign.

Step 1 – Set your goals

Each campaign requires that you set a goal, so that you can track the performance of Proof. Click the 'create your first goal' button to get started.
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Step 2 – Create notification(s)

Let's create your first variant of Proof notifications

1. Select notification types

Select the notification types that you'd like to display on your website

Pro Tip: Most of our customers see best results by turning on Recent Activity + Hot Streaks together.

2. Customize individual notification types

Click the 'customize' button on a notification type to make changes that apply only to that specific notification.

3. Apply customizations to ALL notification types

Scroll down to see a section titled "Make any optional customizations to your campaign below". These customizations are applied to all notification types selected above.

  1. Campaign Objectives
  2. Timing
  3. Appearance
  4. Language (*applies only to Recent Activity notifications)

4. Create another variant

Now that you've created your first variant, we recommend created a second variant by clicking the big "+ Add Variant" button near the bottom of the page.

Adding another variant helps you find out which Proof notifications and custom settings work best for your website with an A/B Test.
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Step 3 – Capture data

You have 3 options for capturing data to display your notifications.

1) Auto

The Auto Lead Capture method is the easiest method for capturing data. 

Enter one or more URLs where you are capturing contact information from your visitors. This page must have the Proof pixel installed and include a field where visitors can submit their email.
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If you're not trying to capture email submissions, please see here for help.

2) Zapier

Zapier lets you connect Proof to 1,000+ other web services
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3) Webhook

An alternative method for sending data to Proof. We recommend that only web developers set this up.
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Step 4 – Display on-site

Choose one or more pages where you would like to display the notifications. These pages must have the Proof pixel installed.

Once you've completed all 4 steps, click the 'publish changes' button.

What's next?

After you've published your first campaign you'll want to test your campaign to make sure it's working.

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