Have you tried installing your pixel yet?


So you've tried installing your pixel and it is not sending data? Here is a list of possible solutions.

Most Common Solution

Solution 1 – Find out if the pixel is showing up in your source code.
It's easy to overlook this step, but make sure that the pixel is actually showing up on your webpage. If not, you will want to go back and install the pixel in the header section of your site.

Other Solutions

Solution 2 – Was your pixel copied and pasted correctly?
This can happen sometimes when you copy the code into a text editor before putting on your website. It's important that the pixel code inside your account is exactly what's on your webpages.

Solution 3 – Multiple copies installed
You may have accidentally installed multiple copies of the pixel on your webpage(s). Make sure that you only have 1 copy installed. If you don't know what your pixel looks like, please see here.

Solution 4 – Are you using the pixel associated with your account?
You'll want to make sure the pixel that is pasted on your pages matches the pixel for your account. Find your pixel here.

Solution 5 – Are you using an old version of the pixel?
If you installed the Proof pixel on your website before Jan 18th 2018, then you'll need to remove the old pixel from your webpages and add the new pixel. See here for instructions.

Still having trouble?

If your issue isn't addressed here, please reach out to us.

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