We currently have 2 options for repositioning your Proof notifications.

  1. Show on top of page on mobile
  2. Position notifications on the "Left" OR "Right" side for Desktop.


  1. Go edit your campaign
  2. Click on Step 4 'Customize' and find the Appearance section.
  3. Toggle ON the setting to "Show on top of page on mobile" (HINT: It will turn green)
  4. Toggle LEFT or RIGHT to "Position notifications" on desktopĀ 
  5. Click Save Changes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move my notifications vertically on Desktop?

No, we do not currently support repositioning your notifications up or down on Desktop.

What are the default display settings?

For Desktop, the notifications will display at the bottom-left corner. For Mobile, the notifications will display at the bottom of the screen.

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