In order to launch a campaign, you'll need to select one or more capture URLs in Step 2. This step allows you to capture conversions for the Recent Activity notifications and Hot Streaks conversion count. 

If you're not trying to capture conversions, please scroll down to the bottom of this article for help.

Choosing a Capture URL

Choose the URLs where you will be capturing your leads from. In order for Recent Activity notifications to work properly, your capture url MUST have an email input field.

Capture URL examples

  1. Checkout webpage
  2. Email subscription webpage
  3. Contact webpage

What if I'm not trying to capture conversions?

If you're not using Recent Activity or Hot Streaks (conversions) notifications, then you're probably wondering what url to enter. In this case,  just enter your homepage url from your site in the capture section. We're sorry for any confusion here and hope to make this easier for you in the next version of our app :)

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