What is a goal?

Goals allow you to define a specific action that you want to track on your website. For example, a goal may track a purchase or a sign up on your website. Tracking goals is the best way to see how the campaigns are running on your site and how Pulse is impacting your website!

Why do I need a goal???

Goals were made with two primary values in mind. When using goals on your campaign you will...

🎯 Track performance for your campaign
⚡ Optimize your social proof for best results

To start, go to 'Goals' > click 'Create Goal'

How to define the goal

Fill out each field in the pop-up box.

Choose a goal category

What type of action do you want people to take on your website? Choose one of the 9 categories listed.

  1. Lead
  2. Purchase
  3. Schedule
  4. Subscribe
  5. Start Trial
  6. View Content
  7. Complete Registration

Name your goal

Give your goal a delightful name (e.g MyWebsiteName Purchases) so that you can easily find it. 

Set conversion value

Defining a conversion value will allow you to track revenue metrics! 💰

Enter the amount of revenue generated for 1 successful goal completion.

If your goal is to increase Purchases then you'll want to enter your average order value. You can calculate this by Total Sales Revenue /Total Number of Orders for the last 30 days. See the example below.

  • Goal: Purchase; (if a customer purchases my e-book I will receive $14/book) so my average order value would be $14.

If you're unsure of the exact amount you can just enter an estimated value :)

Set a goal completion

This step is where you define how a goal completion is tracked.

Enter the URL (make sure proof pixel IS INSTALLED on this URL) a user is directed to immediately after completing the goal. We will not be able to track your goal completions without the proof pixel being present on your page!

A successful goal completion will be tracked when a user visits one of the Goal Completion URLs.

For example, if your goal is Purchases then you'll want to include the Confirmation Page URL(s) that a user would visit immediately after purchasing a product (e.g. mywebsite.com/thank-you-page).

Once the pixel is installed and the goal is set up, voila! We will begin tracking these metrics for you and you will be able to view them inside your app :) 


How are goal completions tracked?

What's next?

Now that you've created a goal, let's attach the goal to a campaign.

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