Find out if your website performs better with Proof with an A/B Test. It's super easy to setup!

Watch How to setup A/B Testing Below: 

How it works?
Basically, show Proof notifications to 95% of your website visitors and not to the remaining 5%, then see which group of visitors has a higher conversion rate! 🆎📈💰

Before you start...

Please get familiar with creating a campaign.

Step 1 

Login to Proof > edit a campaign

Step 2 – Turn on traffic holdback

Go to step 2 'Create a notification' and make sure that you have the traffic holdback turned on with at least 5% traffic.
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Step 3 – Set a goal

Make sure you set a goal for your campaign and then publish changes.

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Need Help?

Read our starting an A/B test help article OR shoot us a message 😀

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