What is a goal?

Goals allow you to define a specific action that you want to track on your website. For example, your goal may be to encourage people to sign up or make a purchase. 


🎯 Track performance for your campaign
⚡ Optimize your social proof for best results

Why are goals required?
Setting a goal is required for creating a campaign so that you can track performance.

Step 1 – Create a goal

Begin by clicking the 'create your first goal' link on Step 1 in the campaign builder.
If you've already created the goal, please skip to Step 2.

If you'd like to create an additional goal please click the 'create goal' link.

Next, define the goal by filling out each field in the popup window (see here for help).

Step 2 – Select a Primary Goal

Once you've created a goal, select the primary goal you want to track for this campaign (which is likely the goal you just created).

Track additional goals (optional)

Only one goal is required per campaign, but you are able to select additional goals to track if desired.


  1. How to create a goal
  2. How to launch a campaign

Need Help?

If you need help setting a goal, please save your campaign as a draft and shoot us a message! 💌

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