How are Goal Completions tracked?

Goal Completions are tracked when a user in a campaign visits one of the Goal Completion URLs set. Please install the Proof pixel on each URL so that page views can be tracked.

Goal Completions are counted ONLY for Visitors in the campaign. 

In order to count as a completion on a campaign level, a Visitor must first visit one of the Display urls in your campaign and then visit a Goal Completion URL. As a result you may see fewer Goal Completions than expected on a campaign level. In other words, sometimes a visitor can get to your Goal Completion URL without using the display URL in your campaign. If thats the case, the campaign will not track it as a goal completion.


In this example below, Proof tracked 100 Goal Completions made by the 345 Visitors in the campaign. 

Why are Goal Completions tracked this way?

This type of reporting ensures that we only track Goal Completions by visitors that have interacted with the Proof notifications for the relevant campaign – which provides you a more accurate report on your website's performance with Proof.

How to view ALL Goal Completions tracked

You can visit the Goals page to see ALL users that completed a specific goal.

In this example Proof tracked 138 Goal Completions in the last 7 days from ANY user.


Install pixel on all Goal Completion URLS

Please make sure that the Proof pixel is installed on all of these Goal Completion URLs.

The same user can potentially complete multiple goal completions

A Goal Completion is counted once per user – in a 1 day window. 

If the same user revisits a Goal Completion URL the following day, an additional Goal Completion will be tracked.

Time frame

The analytics in Proof are calculated and displayed based in the Central Time Zone (CDT). If you are comparing Proof analytics with another platform please keep this in mind.


How to create a goal

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