Are you trying to create Proof notifications that show new customers closed manually by your sales team, such as the front desk of your local Gym studio?

Or what about displaying notifications with unique locations, such as a University name or Company Headquarters? 

With a little ingenuity, we can make this work. Here’s how to map custom fields to your Proof notifications.

What you’ll need:

A CRM or database with the fields (AKA properties)

A Zapier account

A Proof account

To give some context, we’ll use a software company whose users are students at Universities. Goal: Show a Proof notification on a University-specific landing page when a student downloads their app AND has the location from that specific university. This is what we’ll create today:

Step 1: Create your campaign

See steps to create a new campaign here

Step 2: Capture via Zapier

See steps to integrate via Zapier here

Step 3: Custom Field Mapping

You’re here! Woot woot 🙌

Once you select the trigger source when your contact list lives (probably your CRM, maybe a webhook), then you’ll select the Proof campaign you want to show these contacts on. 

In this example, when a new user from UGA downloads the app then show a Proof notification on the UGA-specific landing page. 

Normally, Proof will show the ACTUAL location of the user based on the IP address. However, you may not want the notification to say “Austin from Athens, GA”. Instead, you want it to say “Austin from The University of Georgia”.

To do this, type 1 space in the city field. 

Map the Region field to the property “School Name” so it will replace “Athens, GA” with “University of Georgia”.

Do not map Country.

That’s all you need! Continue the steps mentioned on the 👉  Zapier help article

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