Oh snap!

If you're seeing this screen below, then your campaign does not yet have email contacts captured to display as Recent Activity notifications.

Once your campaign has captured at least 1 email contact, then the Recent Activity notifications can start displaying on your website.

Test your connection

Let's submit a test email contact on your website to see if it gets captured by Proof.

Other Probable Solutions:

  1. Check your capture URL one more time. Sometimes just adding the https://www. to your capture URL will solve a capture issue and you will start seeing your email contacts appear after running a test (outlined above). 
  2. Other times you will need to toggle on an advanced setting for your URL if you are trying to capture from many different URLs to display on one page. Ask customer support for help with this! 
  3. Make sure your capture URL is not an iframe. If it is, follow these directions to get your capture working correctly. 
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