One of our favorite A/B tests to run is one Notification types versus another one of our Notification types.

At Proof, we have four Notifications from which you can choose to display on your campaigns:

  • Recent Activity — Shows individual people that recently signed up
  • Live Visitor Count — Shows how many people are currently on your site
  • Hot Streaks — Shows the total number of visitors or sign-ups over a period of time
  • Conversion Cards — Convert more visitors with clickable notifications

When you put these notifications head to head, you can run the following 6 tests:

  • Hot Streaks vs Live Visitor Count
  • Recent Activity vs Hot Streaks
  • Live Visitor Count  vs Recent Activity
  • Conversion Cards vs Hot Streaks
  • Conversion Cards vs Recent Activity
  • Conversion Cards vs Live Visitor Count

Step 1: Set your control to a Notification you want to display — either Recent Activity, Live Visitor Count, Hot Streaks, or Conversion Cards. To select a notification, simply click the Notification type you want to launch and a green check will appear at the top left corner of the card.

Step 2:
Set your variation to the Notification you want to test against your control. Again, simply click the desired Notification type and a green check will appear. For the variation, just be sure to choose a different Notification type than you did in Step 1.

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