What’s better than running 1 Notification on a page? Running 2, 3, or 4 different Notifications on a page!

Well, maybe…

First, you need to run an A/B test to verify your hunch! An A/B test can help you determine how many notifications you should alternate displaying on a page with the Proof pixel installed.

You’re able to A/B test rotating between all 4 Notifications or just 1, 2 or 3 Notifications.

Step 1: Set half of your traffic to see a set number of Proof Notification types on a page. In this scenario, we’re going to be testing all 4 Proof Notifications versus 1 Proof Notification. We select Recent Activity, Live Visitor Count, Hot Streaks, and Conversion Cards by clicking the green check marks at the top left of each card.

Step 2: Next, set the other portion of your traffic to display a different number of Notification types (in this scenario, we’re setting only Live Visitor Count for the variant — since we set the control to rotate between all 4). Again, to set the Notification types you want to display, click the check marks on the top left of each card you want to be included in your rotation.

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