Did you know you can set you Proof Notifications to send traffic to different click-through URLs? That means that when a visitor clicks the Proof Notification on your page, you can forward the traffic to another high-value page somewhere else on your site.

One powerful A/B test is to segment traffic to two separate URLs and see which URL converts better.

You can run part of your traffic to a checkout page and another to a product page. Or you could run part of your traffic to your homepage and part to your blog — the A/B test you can run here are only limited by your imagination!

Step 1: When setting up your Control, navigate to the Campaign Objectives section on the bottom left of the screen. Type in the Click through URL that you want to direct your traffic towards when they click a Proof Notification.

Step 2: Next, set up your variant towards a different URL. Once again, navigate to the Campaign Objectives section. Type in another, different click-through URL — and voila, you’re ready to launch!

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