The length at which Notifications stay on a screen can greatly affect your conversion rate. As a marketer, you may have a theory that a longer display time of a Proof Notification could help your audience have a more authentic engagement with the alert. For instance, maybe seeing “James from Austin, TX just signed up” might make a visitor start thinking about who James is, and what caused him to take action.

On the contrary, you might be of the mindset that “more activity = more sales.” You may want many Notifications to stream onto a page while a visitor looks around the site. This is especially important if the average session duration for a page is lower than other parts of your funnel.

How to set up this test:

In this scenario, we’ll set up a 7-second display vs 5-second display to see what works best for your brand.

Step 1: Under your Control, navigate to the Timing section at the bottom left corner of the page. By default, the timing should be set to 7 seconds. Set the timing to 7 seconds or any other second count that you want to test.

Step 2: Next, navigate to your Variant. Here you’ll once again go to the Timing section at the bottom left corner of the page. Set the time to 5 seconds or any other time period that you want to test. And you’re off!

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