You likely have certain parts of your site where you’d rather a visitor spend more time on a page — reading the copy, scrolling through photos, engaging with elements on the page — before they see your Proof Notification.

As a marketer, you know better than anyone that timing is imperative for the success of your campaign.

Displaying the right product at the right place at the right time is a key to a successful marketing campaign. That’s why we find the delayed trigger A/B test extremely interesting to run on our landing pages.

With Proof, Notifications display immediately by default. But that doesn’t have to be the case!

You can manually adjust the second count delay on any Notification to be as long as you’d like. Generate a hypothesis about how long you think customers should interact with a page before seeing Proof, and then validate your hunch by running an A/B test.

How to set up this test: 

Step 1: For your control, scroll to the timing section. We suggest setting the delay for your control to a 0-second delay — to gather some baseline data.

Step 2: For your variation, scroll to the timing section once again. Adjust the delay to however long you want your Notification to be delayed by. In our example, we have the Notification delayed by 10 seconds to give our visitor time to look around the site.

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