Things to consider if "no Proof" is seeing higher conversion rates than "Proof": 

First, how long have you been running your test? To see a complete test, we recommend letting your campaign run for at least 14 days. You'll want to give your test time to perform by collecting enough data and 14 days generally does the trick. 

Additionally, you will want take note of the probability of which variant is predicted to win once you get your test ready to go. You will see where to find these statistics in the red box below. Remember, this is merely an estimation so make sure you keep your eye on it as your test passes the 14-day mark. 

Lastly, don't be afraid to get creative. Set multiple variants with multiple notification types to see which one will perform best for you on your site.

Need some ideas? Click below to find a few A/B Test experiments that we've made. Read through them and see which ones could work for your website. 

10 A/B tests to consider 

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