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Megan Johnson
Written by Megan Johnson

How to reposition content

Learn how to reposition previously injected content.

How to reposition injected content

  1. Once logged into your app, you will want to select the Campaign which you wish to edit.
  2. Float your cursor over your Campaign and click "Edit" on the right hand side of your Campaign.
  3. Click into your Personalize tab within your Campaign.

  1. Next, float your cursor over the block within Page Versions and click "Edit".

  1. From "Edit", you will open up the page where you have inserted content previously. To reposition all you will need to do is click on your content and in the bottom left hand corner of your visual editor side bar click "reposition" as seen below.

  1. Once in Reposition, the pop up will prompt to the assign a new CSS selector to your content, as seen below. See how to choose a location to inject content by targeting a specific CSS selector.

  1. Don't forget to click Save.

What's next when you're all done making changes?

  1. To preview changes, click on the 'Preview' = 👁️ icon, top right of the navigation bar
  2. To save your work, you will want to hit 'Save', top right of the navigation bar
  3. To leave the page, you will want to hit 'Done', top right of the navigation bar