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Megan Johnson
Written by Megan Johnson

Working with Single Page Applications

Track url changes when your website does not use a conventional page refresh.

Single page applications by nature do not use conventional page refreshes when navigating between pages across the site which would naturally trigger Proof to request personalizions for the new URL. In order for Proof to detect page changes correctly please follow the directions below. This may be the case for you if your website is built on a framework like Gatsby, React, or Vuejs (and many more).

Activate SPA tracking across an entire domain

  1. Go to Pages in the left sidebar
  2. Click the "New Page" button
  3. Create a name for your page (e.g. "Sitewide SPA tracking")
  4. Under Target a page > Select Advanced > Next to URL contains enter the SPA domain that you would like to track url changes
  5. Provide an example url
  6. Select 'Track url changes in Single Page Applications'

  1. Click Save and you're done!