Account Settings

You can navigate to your Account Settings by clicking on Hi, your_name in the side navigation bar and clicking account in the drop down menu.

Once inside your Account Settings you can see:

  1. What plan you're on and how much of your plan you've used for that payment period. If you percentage is over 100% and you still have days until your traffic resets, its likely that your pixel has been deactivated until the next pay period.
  2. When your traffic will reset.
  3. How many unique visitors you have allotted on your plan.
  4. You can see which credit card you have on file and edit your billing details.
  5. You can change your plan (upgrade or downgrade).
  6. You can cancel your account.
  7. You can find your API key for Zapier or Webhooks.
  8. You can edit your Profile details.
  9. You can update your login methods and edit your username and password.
  10. You can toggle on the SPA compatibility mode.

As always if you make any changes inside the app, make sure you save.

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