Traffic Overage Policy

How It Works

Each plan has a monthly traffic usage limit. Your monthly limit will reset at the beginning of each pay period. You can find your limit for your plan at When you start approaching this limit you'll receive four (4) email notifications before upgrading to the next plan. Below you'll find the subject lines to each of those email notifications. 

  • [80% Proof Usage] Your business is rockin’ this month
  • [90% Proof Usage] Things are looking good
  • [100% Proof Usage] It’s time… but how about a gift?
  • [110% Proof Usage] Upgrade day :-)

By default your account will be automatically upgraded to the next plan once you go over 110% of your traffic usage limit. 

Disable Auto-upgrade

If you'd like to disable auto-upgrade please reach out to us directly and we'll be happy to turn off this default setting for you. 

If you do choose to disable Auto-Upgrade, know that if you go over your allotted traffic usage your pixel will deactivate from your site for the remainder of your payment period. Once your payment period has reset, your traffic will reset as well causing your pixel will reactivate and your notification will pop back up on your page.

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