What does the hot streak notification do?

Hot Streaks lets you display how many people have viewed or converted on your pages during a recent time range. It's a powerful tool that builds your website activity data into compelling metrics for your visitors.

How it works

You've got two different data types to choose from for your Hot Streaks notifications.

Option One – Visitors

Show the total visitors over a period of time

Option Two – Conversions

Show the total conversions over a period of time

Live demo

🔴 See a live demo at the bottom-left corner of the Proof homepage

How to setup

Select Hot Streaks when you Launch a new campaign OR edit a campaign

Customization options

How to access

To begin customizing your Hot Streaks notification, select the "Customize" button within the Type step of your campaign.

A window pane will then slide open, and you'll see the customization options.

Visitors vs conversions

You have the option to display the total visitors over a period of time OR the total conversions over a period of time. Click the drop down arrow to choose accordingly.

Choose a timeframe

You have the ability to display your recent conversions or visitors from 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days. The 7 days and 30 days options will become available to you once this campaign has tracked at least 7-30 days worth of data.

Change the name for visitors

Refer to your conversions as whatever you like. By default it's set to "People." An example: Shoppers.

Change the action taken message

For Hot Streaks (conversions) you can change the "Action Taken" message to conversion action most relevant to your offer. For example, if you have an e-commerce store you could have your action taken set to "Purchased".

Do not loop notifications

By default your Hot Streaks notifications will loop indefinitely. Toggle this on to only show Hot Streaks once per page load.

Set a minimum threshold 

You also have the ability to hide the Hot Streaks notification when there is less than a set amount of visitors or conversions. By default, the notifications will only display when you have at least 5 visitors tracked OR 5 conversions captured in the last X amount of time. You can easily change this by entering a new value into the box below.

Display visitors for entire domain?

By default, visitor Hot Streaks will only display the number of visitors for the Display URLs in your campaign. However, you have the option to toggle on displaying visitors across your entire domain.

Important Notes

  • Currently, Hot Streaks refreshes your visitor and conversion data in 15 minute intervals. For instance, if your website were to capture 10 conversions at 12:05, it would show those notifications at 12:15. What this also means is your first time setting up a Proof campaign and you've enabled Hot Streaks, you will have to wait for a 15 minute interval before it will start showing on your website.
  • If you notice the 7 days or 30 day display options are unable for conversions or visitors, you must wait until you have enough data for those time periods.

What's next?

If you'd like to maximize your website conversions, consider utilizing all of our Proof notification types.

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