Why are my notifications not showing the right locations?

While not typical, there are some cases where a user's location on the Recent Activity notification may not be current.

How is location determined?

Step 1

Auto Lead Capture uses the visitor's IP Address as a first option to determine a user's location. A visitor's IP Address is tracked using the Proof pixel installed on your website. In some cases the IP Address may not be available.

Step 2

If IP Address data is not available, then we will use the location associated with the users email address via social graph API's (e.g. social media and other 3rd party sources available to the public). 

Why are incorrect locations displayed?

Scenario 1

The most common reason is that the user's IP Address is not available and as a result their location associated with their email via a social graph API is used. In some instances the social graph API may have a previous location stored for a user (AKA outdated location). Please see above for more information.

For example, let's say a visitor is currently browsing your site in New York City but their internet device is not sharing their IP Address. We will then display the location associated with their email in the social graph (if available), which in some instances may be a previous location such as San Francisco. This is most common when a visitor is using a VPN.

Scenario 2

Proof generates the location of a Recent Activity notification using the website visitor's IP Address (that's if you're using our Auto Lead Capture integration). In some instances an Internet Service Provider will route all their web traffic to a more central location before it reaches the public internet. Regardless of what specific city you are actually located in, your internet traffic will appear to be coming from the location of the ISP's exit point. As a result, the exact location for some of your notifications may not be precise.

In most cases though we'll be able to display the correct city 👍

How to fix this?

If this is an important issue for you and you're using the Auto Lead Capture integration, then you have the option to switch to a webhook integration or Zapier integration

This will allow you to send us specific information about your leads (such as location) as opposed to us generating that information for you using an IP Address. For example, you can send us a user's city , state , and country .

How does Proof determine a user's location?

We use the IP Address of a user to determine their location.

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