What is auto-lead capture?

Auto Lead Capture is our recommended option for capturing data from your website. The data captured will be used to display the Recent Activity notifications. We recommend this option because it's super easy to setup!

How to enable Auto Lead Capture

When you create or edit a campaign > go to Step 3 in the campaign builder called "Capture Data" > and click the "Auto" button.

How it works

Auto Lead Capture is able to capture new email submissions from a website using the Proof pixel. Please be sure to install the pixel on each page that you intend to capture data from.

Step 1

Proof will watch for visitors that submit an email address on the URLs you enter here on the Capture Data step.

Step 2

The email contacts captured will be displayed as Recent Activity notifications on your website.


The signup and checkout page are two common examples where a user submits their email address.

  1.  mywebsite.com/signup
  2. mywebsite.com/checkout


Each URL entered must have an email form on the page in order to capture email contacts and display them as Recent Activity notifications.

Here's an example:

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