Why am I not seeing my notification?

Are you not seeing the Proof notifications on your website?

It's possible that your browser's cache is not yet updated with the latest version of the webpage. 

Please try viewing your Display urls in a private browser to see your Proof notifications.

Step 1 – Locate your Display urls

Login to your Proof account > Go to Campaigns > Click on a Campaign name > Scroll down to 'Capture & Display'

Step 2 – Open Display urls in a private browser

If you need further help please see below.

Google Chrome > View in Incognito

Firefox > View in Private browser mode

Safari > View in Private browser mode

Some Ad Blockers will prevent Proof notifications from displaying for you in your web browser. 

How to fix

  1. Please turn off the Ad Blocker
  2. Refresh your webpage or open your web domain in incognito mode on your browser.
  3. Check to see if your Proof notifications are now displaying
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