How do change my display URLs?

If you have multiple campaigns set to display on the same webpage then your notifications will not work properly. 

In the case where multiple campaigns share the same Display url, Proof will default to display only the 1st campaign's conversions.

We suggest making multiple campaigns with different capture and display URLs in order to optimize the use of the Proof pixel on your website :) 

How to fix this issue

Please make sure that each campaign is set to display on separate URLs. Meaning we can't have multiple campaigns set to display on the same webpage. 

Here are two tips to help you moving forward :)

Tip 1 

Keep in mind that you can activate multiple notification types in 1 campaign. This is the best and easiest way to display multiple notification types on the same webpages.

Tip 2

You can display individual campaigns on multiple URLs. Just make sure that there is no Display overlap with another campaign.

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