Install your pixel

Step 1 – Copy your pixel code

Login to your Proof account > Click on the “Pixel Install” menu item > Copy the pixel code to your clipboard

NOTE: You have one pixel for your account and you can use it on unlimited domains.

Step 2 – Add the pixel to your website header

Paste the code between the <head> and </head> tags of your website. 

Make sure that the Proof pixel is installed on all pages where you'd like to display notifications AND capture data from (in most cases this will be every page of your site).

If you're using a third-party platform (Wordpress, Clickfunnels, etc) there are specific instructions here. If we don’t provide your documentation, you can always Google "Install 3rd party tracking script or pixel on (your web platform)".

Step 3 – Verify that your pixel is sending data

Please go back to the Pixel Install page. A green status message will appear to let you know when we have detected your pixel. 

Still no data?

If the pixel is NOT sending data please read this article on how to confirm that the pixel is present on your website.

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