How to test to see if your notification works

First, let's confirm that your campaign is capturing data so that you can display Recent Activity notifications. If you've installed the pixel on your URL you wish to capture your conversions from that's a great start. 

The next step is to submit a test email on your Capture Data website URLs to see if the contact gets sent to Proof. Watch this quick video to see exactly how to do this. 

Step 1 - Visit your Capture Data urls

Go to the Campaigns section and click on your campaign name

Scroll down to to the 'Capturing people from...' section and click on the URLs.

You should now be directed to the webpages where you are capturing data (email form submissions).

Step 2 - Submit an email

Find the email form on your webpages (Capture Data urls) > enter an email in the form field > and click the button to submit.

Step 3 - Check your campaign for the email contact

Let's see if the email contact that you submitted was sent to Proof.

Step 4 - Visit your Display on-site urls

Check to see if the Recent Activity notifications have started to display on your Display on-site URLs

If the notifications have started displaying, then you can go ahead and delete the test contact.

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