Pulse + Clickfunnels

It only takes a few minutes to install Proof on your Clickfunnels website. Once installed, you’ll be able to display verified recent customer activity notifications on your website. These notifications will help increase your website conversion rates almost instantly!


Step 1: Install your pixel

A) Copy your proof pixel

Follow these instructions for finding your pixel.

B) Paste the pixel code into your Clickfunnels account

  1. Login to your Clickfunnels account
  2. Click “SETTINGS

  2. Paste the Proof pixel code in the Head Tracking Code box. 

  3. Then click Save And Update Settings.


This will put the Proof pixel on every page of your funnel (which is what you want).


Step 2: Launch a campaign

A) Read this article on how to launch a campaign + see below for extra help

B) Choosing a Display URL for Clickfunnels (special instructions)

Navigate to the landing page you want Proof notifications to appear on. Scroll down and click the 'Preview' icon.

Once opened, copy the exact URL from your browser. This will be your “Display URL“.

NOTE: Proof is URL based, so it's important that you copy the specific URL that you want your notification to appear on. DO NOT USE THE FUNNEL URL OR A PREVIEW URL.

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