Pulse + Keap (infusionsoft)

It only takes a few minutes to get Proof setup on your Keap website. Once installed, you’ll be able to display verified recent customer activity notifications on your site. These notifications will help increase your website conversion rates almost instantly!

Step 1: Install your Pixel

Step 2: Launch a Campaign

When you get to the "Capture Data" step in the campaign builder, you have the option of using Auto Lead Capture or setting up a webhook.

How to Setup an Infusionsoft Webhook 

Click on "Webhook" and then "Infusionsoft"

Click the "+ New Webhook" button.

Name the Webhook for internal use and "Save New Webhook"

Copy this Webhook URL to your clipboard as you will need to add it to your Infusionsoft account.

Click on "Next" and finish the setup process inside the Proof app.

Once you have Launched the notification, be sure to follow the instructions below on configuring the webhook inside your Infusionsoft account.

Step 4 – Adding an HTTP Post (Webhook) to Your Infusionsoft Campaign

  1. Open your Infusionsoft campaign.
  2. Double-click on the campaign sequence you wish to edit or create a new campaign sequence.
  3. Expand the Process menu and Drag and drop a 'Start' object to the canvas and then a 'Send HTTP Post' object onto the canvas.
  4. Double-click on the 'Send HTTP Post' object to configure the post settings.
  5. Paste in your Proof webhook URL.

Step 5 – Add Merge Fields to the HTTP Post

  1. Click Merge to access the Infusionsoft fields you can send to Proof. 
  2. Click the "plus" icon to add another pair. Click the "minus" icon to remove a pair.
  3. When you've finished adding Name / Value lines, click on the Test button to verify the post is working as expected. A green "200" response code validates the post is working properly.
  4. Click Back to Sequence
  5. You are ready to publish your changes.

Name / Value Pairs

type = infusionsoft

first_name = ~Contact.FirstName~

email = ~Contact.Email~

There are two required fields:

type: infusionsoft

email: {email address merge tag}

And that's it! 

Next you just need to launch the notification and they will begin displaying on your page when you get new opt ins or buyers come through your Infusionsoft campaign.

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